So, it’s that time again. Uncle Sam is looking for his property tax. And if I were a betting man would say he is trying to get a little more from you this year than last year. Here are a couple ways you can help get that bill down.

Homestead your property – You can homestead your home by filing with the county. This will put a cap on the amount they are able to raise your taxes. You’ll need your driver’s license to show your property address in order to get that set up.

Point out the problems – This is the time to show your properties deferred maintenance and issues. Take photos of all the crack, bruises and problems you’re having with your home. This will help reduce the appreciated value that the county is trying to put on your home and also help get a punch list together if items that may need to be addressed in the future to keep your home in top shape.

Have your trusted real estate agent run comps – This helps but unfortunately market value is usually higher than the taxed rate. If you think that they are taxing more than the market value of your home reach out to your agent they can help you! I recommend calling the Land and Luxury Group.

These are the three best ways to catch a break from our friend Uncle Sam. If you liked this blog please go to our Facebook and Instagram and like, comment and share! @Landandluxurygroup

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